JourneLapin Mars2014

On 14 March this year, a meeting was held in Saint-Remèze (Ardèche). The topic of discussion was the European Rabbit, and the event was attended by natural space managers, hunting representatives, dry stone professionals and naturalists.


It was organised jointly by the Ardèche Gorges Management Association (SGGA) and the Gardon Gorges Public-Private Entity(SMGG). It involved a tour of the area and provided an opportunity to discuss experiments on the reintroduction of the European Rabbit. The attendees also had the chance to inspect the mechanisms introduced by SGGA in partnership with local hunting associations and by the Ardèche Hunting Federation (FDCA).              


Therabbit population has been declining sharply in Franceover recent decades, in particular as a result of degraded habitats and diseases such as myxomatosis. As well as being a major natural asset and an important hunting species, rabbits are also a key source of food for the Bonelli's Eagle.  Under the Life Défense Nature 2 Mil programme, the SMGG is responsible for conductingrepopulation operations at the Garrigues campin conjunction with local partners, including the construction of dry-stone warrens and the reintroduction of rabbits.