The 9th European Conference on Ecological Restoration was held in Oulu (Finland) from 4 to 8 August 2014. A delegation of 2 people (MINDEF and CENRA) joined scientists and practitioners from 25 European countries to discuss issues related to restoring functional ecosystems.

Forest environments, bogs and wetlands, grasslands and grazing areas, rivers and streams and marine ecosystems were the subject of specific workshops. The concepts of ecosystemic, evaluation or networking services were also the focus of some debate.

A Life session developed both at the workshop and poster presentation levels was a common thread throughout the entire programme.

It is in this context that the Life project on military land was presented. It was of particular interest to our European colleagues through the diversity of the situations addressed and the complexity of restorations in place on each site. The question of the pyrotechnical risk focused the attention of some and was shared by other European Lifes. The presence of Lieutenant COGNE, the MINDEF representative, in military uniform, was a surprise to many and helped forge numerous contacts. Thus links with naturalists were developed on military projects (beyond the Life project).

SER's management has asked us to address the next Conference.

The symposium was a key moment when we took the measure of the challenge that networking on a European scale entailed. Revitalisation of our projects, stimulation of our ambitions, promotion of the results. We came back enriched from this exchange and now must take up the challenge at the closing seminar of our Life where we will have the pleasure of inviting our colleagues from other European countries who share the same concerns as we do... So see you in Nîmes in 2016.