The Department of Defence (MINDEF) and the Rhône-Alpes Natural Spaces Conservatory (CEN) organised the national Life Defence Nature 2 Mil project seminar on 10 June, 2014 at the headquarters of the Lyon Defence zone and on 11 June 2014, at the Chambaran camp.


Despite the train strike, over sixty people gathered to lay the foundations of a national network for biodiversity on military sites.


The seminar was divided into several stages :


- The presentation of progress in the Life project, the MINDEF's environmental policy and the Ecology Department's policy


- A focus on partnerships at work on a national level: Airbase 115, Sissonne Camp, Avon Camp, EMSD Bordeaux: booklet and unmanned tractor, EMSD Lyon's hives, Valbonne Camp and Ambérieu Air Force Base 


- A workshop on fostering collaboration between managers of natural and military environments  


- The awards ceremony for the photo competition on biodiversity on military land


Finally, on the second day, we visited Chambaran Camp one of four experimental project sites. This was an opportunity for an update on military activity and the naturalist interest of the camp as well as planned work. A tour of the ponds enabled us to discover a particularly rich site.


You can download the proceedings of the seminar here or read the document online.