Overview of the four sites covered by the programme

Four exceptional locations in south-eastern France have been selected for the programme. The aim is to establish common ground between the armed forces and natural space managers across France. The sites in question are:

  • Garrigues Camp (Gard)
  • Chambaran Camp (Drôme - Isère)
  • Mont Caume (Var)
  • Aspretto Naval Base (southern Corsica)

More information

Garrigues camp


The Garrigues military camp is located in the Gardon mountains, in the Gard department of France. It is situated on the limestone garrigue plateaux surrounding Nîmes and covers an area of 11,725 acres, bordered to the south by the conurbation and the camp buildings. The northern boundary of the camp is formed by the Gardon, the river that rises in the Cévennes mountains and has cut wild gorges stretching for around 12 miles through the plateaux.  

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Chambaran camp


The military camp is located within the commune of Viriville and straddles the Drôme and Isère departments. It is situated on the Chambaran plateau, which lies between the Rhône valley and the Alpine foothills.

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Mont Caume


Mont Caume is a mountain that rises to 804 metres above sea level. It is the tallest peak in the mountains around the city of Toulon. It straddles the communes of Evenos and Revest-les-Eaux in the south-west of the Var department. It has a complex geological make-up, comprising vast scree slopes, sheer cliffs and rocks formed by natural elements.

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Aspretto naval base


The Aspretto naval base is located to the south of Ajaccio, the capital of southern Corsica. It covers an area of 42 acres and includes a sea port protected by a sea wall and a heliport. The sea wall covers an area of 4 acres and consists of 70% land and 30% marine environment. It has been a Natura 2000 site since 2007.


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